Adding analytics

If you have a public spacebook, sometimes it can useful (or fun) to get an idea of how many people are visiting. This is easy, free (or paid), respects your user’s privacy, and has almost zero impact on site performance.

Cloudflare Analytics (free)

Cloudflare offers a free, privacy-first, lightweight, and relatively unknown analytics service that allows you to get basic data without having to change your DNS records. All it requires is a simple JS embed in the head of your page.

<script defer="defer" src="https://static.cloudflareinsights.com/beacon.min.js" 
data-cf-beacon="{"token";: "your-token">

Netlify Analytics

Netlify offers a similar and just as awesome analytics system starting at $9/mo per domain (or free if you are already on a Business Plan.)

Did you know? Both of these scripts are extremely lightweight and unlike Google Analytics will have essentially zero impact on your peformance!

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